The Evil Place

One day I woke up and went for a walk.
I was walking down a pathway on the street and I saw a man.
The Man told me that the place where I was headed was an evil place, and asked me if I wanted to be saved from it.
I looked at the man, he was missing his legs, and only had his body, and two slim, limp arms to support him up, he reached out his hand to me, as he was lying on the pavement by the side of the road, asking me to take it.
I didn’t take it. I was unsure.
I asked the man about this evil place.
He said that it was a place filled with heartache, anger, violence and abuse.
He said there was no escaping it unless I wanted to be saved.
I asked the man if he had been there before.
He said He hadn’t.
I asked him how he knew about the evil place.
He said someone had told him about it.
I asked him how far along my path will I come across it?
He said he doesn’t know how long it will take to get there, all he knows is that it is along this street.
I said no, and kept walking.

Further along, I came across a woman.
She wore a beautiful blue blouse, with black jeans and she had long flowing dark hair.
She smiled at me and asked me where I was going.
She then told me about a place not far from here.
I asked her about it.
She said it was a place filled with criminals, gang-members and bikies.
She said they would bring me harm.
I asked her if she had ever been there.
She said no, she’d only heard about it.
I asked her what it was called.
She said it was called the evil place.
I asked her how do I avoid it?
She said, she knew how, but I had to follow her.
I asked her where she was going.
She proceeded to walk into the middle of the street directly into oncoming traffic.
She told me, that in order to avoid the evil place, I had to surrender my life.
I continued on my path.

As I kept walking on this path, I came across a couple, dressed in coordination with each other, and a little baby. They looked so happy.
They stopped me on my path, and asked me where I was going.
They told me that they had just had a baby, and they looked like the perfect family.
They asked me if I had a family.
I replied, and said that I was single.
They asked me if I wanted a family.
I said one day.
As I walked away to leave, they grabbed me by my wrists, and tried to pull me onto the street.
I pulled my hands away, and began to run down my path, until I couldn’t see them any longer.

As I continued to walk, I came upon a doorway at the end of my path, attached to a building that I couldn’t get around.
The building was large, and stretched for miles to the left, and miles to the right.
I looked all around me, and there was no one. I could no longer see the couple, and there was no site of the man, whom I had met earlier on my journey.
I knocked on the door.
There was no answer.
I tried the door handle.
It rattled.
I wondered how I was supposed to get past the door. I couldn’t turn back, it was impossible unless I returned from where I came from.
I tried the door handle one more time.
I opened the door.
And then shut it behind me.