Sunrise: A Play by Jessie Cave

Jessie Cave, is a 30-something British Actress / Artist / Comedian / Mother / Fellow Millennial and has recently started selling copies of her successful comedy show “Sunrise”. I have personally been a fan of Cave, since her days in the Harry Potter films, and then I was lead to her You Tube Channel, before becoming a big fan of her Instagram stories and Post’s of all of her artwork, and now with her Comedy Play and her current tour of England, I was sure I was never going to be able to ever see a play of hers, so I decided to purchase a copy of the play written into a book, with art work featured, just before Christmas started. Of course, I was away in the United States of America, so I was pleased when I arrived home from trip to have beautifully wrapped brown paper package, covered in sparkly stickers, and pictures, with my name and address perfectly printed by Cave herself just for me!

Opinion: This book is perfect for the Millennial 25-35 year old (but anyone over the age of 18 is suitable to read it) who is learning the many lessons of life, love and relationships. I personally find her comedy refreshing, and like-minded, although, she is much more brave in her openness of sharing the intimate details of her personal affairs. The story or the play rather, revolves around Cave (for obvious reasons) while she simultaneously juggles motherhood, sisterhood, work/ business and her love life, while holding onto love for her old flame, who happens to also be the father of her two children. She goes into graphic detail about the complications of her casual relationship, as well feeling the guilt of leaving her children at home while she ventures into the world trying to maintain a personal life (she sounds like a brilliant mother by the way, and if you’re in doubt, follow her Instagram page, where she posts all about the reality of daily life as a mother two little ones!)

Likes: The brutal and honest truth Cave presents and shares with her audience is both confronting and yet, fulfilling. Almost like when you’ve been holding in a secret, or a surprise that has been weighing on you, and that feeling you get when you finally share it with someone, it’s both frightening and yet strangely satisfying (not in a crude way). I also enjoy the artwork Cave shares throughout the story, I think it is meant to be childlike, but presented in an adult way.

Dislikes: There is not much to dislike, and it is most likely I am being biased (because of the Harry Potter Films) but I am never going to meet this woman, so I am not going to need to impress her, so I will say with confidence this is a brilliant book/play for anyone over the age of 18! I should note that unlike Cave, I do not venture into the dating world to do the casual thing, but I have experienced many of the ups and downs of rejection from people who probably don’t deserve my attention.

If you’re someone who doesn’t generally enjoy reading as a relaxing or fun activity, then this book, may be the book to change your mind. It is simple to read, plenty of pictures, plenty of entertainment in the form of comedy, and it is only 70 pages long, so you could read it in a day! Or longer if you prefer :).

Rating 4.5/5


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