The Christmas Secret by Karen Swan


The Christmas Secret is about a young 31 year old Executive Coach from New York City, who travels to the small community Island, Islay, Scotland a few weeks before Christmas to assist the CEO of Kentallen Distilleries, Lochlan Farquhar head of an esteemed Whisky Company, regain control of his business before his troublesome ways destroy the company.

Opinion: The book contains references to the past through descriptive diary entries, and then recollecting back to the present. This made the story difficult to engage in, as there was no connection to the past and present until later chapters, and there was no inclination as to what these past references were meant to mean to the main characters. The love story was predictable between the two characters, however, it took a very long time to play out, not until the very end are we pleased with the circumstances surrounding the two. In fact I would liken it to a movie or a television series, where the reader or in this example viewer is aware of the general direction of the story, but knows that space has to be filled in between in order to come to the desired conclusion, therefore they are prepared for the story to outplay during the allotted time given, however reading the story, meant there was a lot of unnecessary details given.

Likes: The Main Character was modern, stylish, and relatable to the desired target audience. The Scottish scenery is unique, but made the story very enjoyable, imagining a small village, in the winter at Christmas time.

Dislikes: I am not a huge fan of love stories, but wanted a Christmas book to read over the month of December, so I may be biased in my opinion, but the book, took too long to come to the conclusion of the two main characters falling in love. There was too much over description of some items or actions, and there was not enough description of the physical appearance of the main characters, mainly their demeanour and their outfits were described, but not their physical appearance.

This story was not necessarily a Christmas story as the title suggests, but rather a story that outplays during Christmas. The Author’s target audience is a woman of my age, however, I did not enjoy this book overall, but if you enjoy a love story, perhaps this might be the book for you to read, however, it does not need to be read at Christmas time, it can be read anytime of the year.

Rating 1/5 


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